AICTE PGDM PROGRAMS: Evaluated Education for a Winning Career

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‘All India Council for Technical Education , (AICTE ) the governing bodies’ true job nature lies in recognizing through evaluating good & high quality education. Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a residential course highlighting a management program through varied industry specific specializations mainly through the online distance learning approach. The techniques used in this approach gives the course a hybrid blend christening it as the Hybrid PGDM course, thus creating a brand of online distance learning. A program is a finalized feature of education that runs for a specific duration, educating worthwhile content to future professionals.  A program is created by a team of members to educate and then highlighted to the world to learn.

An AICTE PGDM program is a completely accredited & recognized management program created to guide a student’s career by aiding the particular enrolled student into the corporate world by providing a placement service.

An AICTE approved online distance learning Hybrid PGDM program has practical implications on a student. This arrangement is completely mechanical because when an institute ensures a change of curriculum pertaining to the changes in the varied fast changing industries, we need an approval from the higher governing bodies. The practical approach to the AICTE PGDM program is beneficial in staying concurrent to the changes in the world by way of the residential character it takes. If online distance learning PGDM courses were to be from a university the process of curriculum change would have been a long winding road. For residential institutes, a PGDM course needs approvals for it to only come faster, & the people working with the institute working towards making that change in the curriculum more rapidly.

The curriculum changes with the transformations in the world therefore taking a faster pace for students to learn what is current and the institute ensures much faster deliverables if that could be a real possibility. The student consequently gets an exposure to deliver the world’s current status on their professional timeline creating for them a place in the job market.

The job market is a big supermarket of people getting hired and fired while the education industry should know when this market changes its course. The hybrid nature of the online distance learning course creates an impact on the PGDM courses giving the students what they deserve in terms of heavy remunerations.

.PGDM courses is that futuristic picture created to ensure the practical approach of the AICTE approved courses that come by as a helping hand ensuring placements because the experiential method of learning and teaching creates ready professionals, concrete in their comprehension of general management and good business.

The evaluation done by the AICTE helps the placement of the students in their career ensuring offer letter numbers increasing by the majority taking in employment as the institute’s unconscious social responsibility.


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