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Earlier many students had to compromise on few of their career objectives and aspirations. The main reasons for this were time and location constraints. We had to settle down for an institute nearer to us even though we knew that there are better options than that. Today this picture has changed its colors completely. Now you don’t have to compromise on any of your career goals. This has been possible due to Online MBA courses.


 Welingkar Online MBA

The introduction of this mode of learning into the field of education has made it easier and most convenient to attain quality knowledge. You may belong to any location; within or beyond boundaries, this will not deprive you of this. The world has come closest today. Not literally but due to the advancements and developments which have taken place in the recent years. You just have to adopt the correct medium to take advantage of this.

Welingkar online MBA has proven to be the best out of the rest because of its exceptional quality and expertise. The students trust and rely on this Institute to help them achieve their desired career. There are options available for everything in life. Likewise in the sector of education also you will come across many sources of gaining desired knowledge. But the aspirants have to use their intelligence in choosing the most appropriate and rewarding one. Let’s make this dilemma easier for you.

Why to choose online MBA from Welingkars?

Welingkar Institute of Management located in Mumbai is the largest source of world class distance education. This institute is known to be the pioneer of Distance and online MBA learning in India. Since its inception, this institute has been serving the career ambitions of MBA aspirants and has been commendably successful in it.

The following are the reasons why one should opt for Welingkar:

  1. You get the advantage of learning through the distance mode and yet interact with the faculty who are present at the institution. This is possible due to the Virtual Classroom Facility offered by Welingkar. This makes it possible for the student to get knowledge along with expertise.
  2. A complete comprehensive study material is offered to each student to enhance the quality of learning.
  3. The institute supports and guides the students even after the program is over through its dedicated placement team who works on the placement of students for fostering their future career.
  4. Unlike any other Management Institute, Welingkar offers 18 unique specializations all belonging to different domains. So, no matter which sector or field interests you, this institute will provide you the best in class program for it.


Keeping all these differentiators of this prestigious institute in mind, Eins education is offering a 2 years Hybrid PGDM program in collaboration with this institute. This program is available in affordable and flexible fee structure. It is designed especially for the working professionals who are seeking career growth in rewarding domains/ sectors.


Education is the strongest pillar in one’s life. Take the right decision and make your life stable and secure for life time!!

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