Who says that it is not possible to successfully complete two objectives in life? Especially when it comes to education, there are many who feel that learning shouldn’t be accompanied by any other commitments because then there is no scope of success in either of the things. But is this really the scenario today? All of us know how and how very well Education has changed and is benefiting all. Welingkar Correspondence MBA is the best example for this.

Fixing the light – Ideas and creativity concept

Corporate world has become very advanced and competitive at the same time. There is large number of talent but each one has to struggle either to retain the position or to attain it. Top most Business Companies today are on the lookout for skilled and talented professionals who can contribute significantly towards the success of the company. This has increased the demand for MBA professionals and moreover for those who have a specialized MBA degree.

Due to constraints like time and location, many aspirants had to let go of their ambitions and career goals. Welingkar courses have been helping towards the betterment of many students since its existence. This Institute and its team of world class Faculty both have been contributing in success of many students across India.

The following are the benefits of pursuing the unique Correspondence MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management.

  1. Flexibility in exams and courses: The students are allowed to give the mid-term exams through the online mode whereas they can give the end-term exams from specified centers.
  2. Achieve success in learning while continuing to earn: Welingkar correspondence MBA provides you the freedom of learning while continuing earning. This program is in the online distance mode hence there is no need to travel or follow the traditional MBA learning structure.
  3. Upgrade your career and educational goals: If you are a professional who is seeking to get promoted or of shifting your job, then this program will work wonders for you. If you are a student then this program will get you closer than ever to the attainment of your educational goals as well.
  4. Learn at your pace and as per your convenience: You can fulfill all your personal as well as professional commitments and still attain success in the achievement of your career goals. This is the most important reason why Distance education in MBA is preferred to such a large extent.
  5. Practical application of the learnt theoretical knowledge in the profession: This is why many Working Professionals opt for this program. You get the opportunity to apply the learnt knowledge by the experts and industry leaders in your professional life which in turn enhances the quality of it by increasing your chances of being recognized and promoted to higher altitudes of success.

Distance MBA from Welingkar can be pursued in 18 different specializations each one from a different domain. You can make your career in the field of your interest.

Eins Education in collaboration with Welingkar Institute of Management offers a 2 years correspondence MBA program with many benefits including the ones mentioned above.

Make a wise choice today to have a future full of opportunities!!




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