There is always a thin line that discriminates the good from the best. It is very important for us to understand and identify this difference at the earliest. If we fail in this initial stage then it becomes difficult to attain our desired levels of achievement and success. Education forms the base for your future career. Hence, this decision has to be made intelligently and wisely. So how and what is to be considered when one thinks of choosing one particular option above the rest?

Distance education for MBA has been pioneered and improvised by one and only; the prestigious and most reliable Welingkar Institute of Management. We all are well familiar with this Institute because of the high quality education imparted through its innovative and enriching teaching techniques. Located at Mumbai, this institute is in the journo of MBA education for over 30 years now. Almost every second student wants to enroll in a Welingkar course to enhance his/ her career for the betterment.

Fixing the light - Ideas and creativity concept
Fixing the light – Ideas and creativity concept

There are many unique points in Welingkar distance MBA programs. It is obvious that if you are learning from the best faculty who themselves are leaders and experts of the industry then nothing can stop you from being one soon. They show us what the main components of a distance MBA program should be.

  1. Industry oriented curriculum:

There is no point in learning the irrelevant way. The main objective behind attaining knowledge is of having a secure and progressive job in that domain. So the most important essential is of studying via an industry oriented and related curriculum. It must comprise of all the recent improvements and happenings of the business industry. You will be able to pursue a successful career ahead only when you are acquiring the essential knowledge for it today.

  1. Theoretical learning with practical knowledge:

We all know the fact that mere theoretical knowledge will not get us anywhere closer to our aims and goals. For achieving them we need to get acquainted with the working knowledge as well. Hence, the MBA program should be a perfect blend of theoretical learning and practical exposure. You should be in a position to apply all the learnt knowledge in real situations of the Business industry.

  1. Exceptional faculty:

Both the above objectives would not be accomplished unless and until you don’t get them through best in class faculty members. When the teacher is excellent, the student is bound to be an expert. An MBA program which is conducted by industry experts and professionals of different domains as its faculty members then you are getting into the league of expertise.

Eins education has made this even easier for all the aspirants. It is offering you a hybrid PGDM program which is of 2 years duration in collaboration with Welingkar Institute of Management. Hybrid learning mode is beneficial because it gives you the dual benefit of online and offline learning and enjoying the advantages of both.


In these highly challenging and versatile conditions of the business industry, it is vital and the need of the hour to be a present day leader who has the ability to excel in the most unfortunate and unfavorable conditions also.

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