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About Us
EINS Education was established by a team of dedicated academicians and industry personnel, with the motto to impart all round good quality management education. The distance learning programs offered by EINS Education are specially designed for the working executives and aspiring entrepreneurs, who can bring the desired change in the business organizations.

EINS Education has 11 offices in India with operations spanned across seven cities. Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru are the cities where one can easily get in touch with the experts of EINS Education.

EINS Education brings the best and latest in Management Education through well structured MBA programs designed especially for the professionals and aspirants from across the globe. EINS Education is committed to developing innovative and better methods of teaching by the use of latest technology that is conducive to learning. The various products offered by EINS promise to serve a huge number of working professionals and the numbers are expected to witness an exponential increase.


To impart quality management education through MBA and to create global managers.

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