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Distance MBA | Eins Education offers a 2 year PG Diploma program in the distance learning mode.

The PGDM Distance Learning Program from Welingkar Institute of Management aims to improve the students' capability to manage in a business environment.
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  • Experiential Learning Programs
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Why EINS Education?

There is severe competition at the global level to secure some of the best management jobs in leading organizations of the world. EINS Education brings to you a comprehensive distance learning PGDM course in collaboration with the reputed Welingkar Institute of Management. It comes with ten different specialization options which are the most emerging fields of the world.

With globalization and technological advancements, businesses all over the world have grown and flourished on a large scale. This has opened up a number of job opportunities for aspiring managers at the global level. In today’s world, capable managers and entrepreneurs are highly in demand by all leading national as well as multinational companies. MBA programs are the need of the day for aspiring managers as they provide the latest and the best-known knowledge of the industry. At the same time, they also impart the necessary management skills so that the aspirants grow as competent professionals and become successful in life.

Many students as well as working professionals have started enrolling for MBA programs worldwide considering their benefits. But, with a busy working schedule, many of them have to often compromise with their ambitions. Online MBA programs have been introduced on a large scale in India for these working aspirants.

Online programs release the burden of studies and job and assure a hassle-free life. They provide you absolute convenience at learning without interfering with your schedule in any way. For a budding manager, getting proper knowledge and corporate exposure at the right time is of prime importance. For this purpose, t is necessary for one to study from reputed and recognized institutions. Online programs also serve the cause of Distance MBA programs by allowing you to study from your desired reputed institutions that might be distantly located. Also, they ensure absolute flexibility at learning which means you can learn from anywhere and anytime according to your preferences. You can study at your own pace, unlike full-time programs. They also allow you to pause a lecture midway to avoid disturbances.

An important feature of distance MBA programs is that they make all the notes available to you 24*7 over the internet. You can view these lectures and other study materials multiple times for thorough understanding of concepts and revision. Also, these part-time MBA courses save your valuable time and energy that is otherwise wasted in travelling in case of a full-time program. Offered at affordable fees, they also save your expenditure on travelling or hostel fees and thus makes learning economical. The Welingkar distance MBA program, with the motive of providing a cost-effective means of learning to the students, is offered at affordable fees.

An MBA degree not only gets you a handsome pay but a respectable position in an organization. An MBA distance education program serves as an ideal medium for the working aspirants to accelerate their career growth. Although distance education has not entirely challenged the traditional educational system in India, it has seen a considerable growth in the recent years. The number of students and professionals enrolling for a distance MBA has seen a considerable increase in the recent years. There has been a tremendous rise in the number of internet users in today’s world. Also, the current generation is highly internet-savvy which means distance education is sure to see a bright future.

The PGDM-DLP program provided by EINS Education is equivalent to an MBA degree program offered by other leading institutions. It aims at creating successful managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. It moulds young ambitious minds into corporates capable of handling the challenges of the global world. The dynamic Welingkar distance MBA offers you the best quality Management education through expert and veteran faculties. It utilizes their experience and expertise to train the budding managers and shape their personality.

A manager functioning at the global level has to exhibit a number of qualities and skills. Along with knowledge, leadership, patience, analytical skills, entrepreneurship qualities are inevitable. The Welingkar MBA program offered by EINS Education equips students with the necessary skills and industry expertise for their overall career development.

In comparison with the number of candidates pursuing management, the number of management jobs in leading companies are limited. Getting a job in a reputed national or multinational organization enhances your corporate image. The well-integrated Welingkar online MBA program provided by EINS Education eases your job search. It offers an assured placement support to all its students for their professional development. With its multiple benefits, the program thus serves as the best distance MBA in the country.

In the highly competitive professional world of today, you can excel only if you possess extraordinary knowledge of your subject. Besides knowledge, it is highly important to exhibit the best analytical skills and come out with innovative strategies. An all-inclusive program such as the Welingkar distance MBA exposes you to all these qualities and thus ensures that you remain a step ahead of your competitors.

It is time now you gear up to achieve unknown heights and shine in the corporate world. The increasing number of organizations and their prosperity offers you a golden opportunity to kick start your career development. An MBA program is known to prepare you completely for the international corporate world. A distance learning PGDM program, thus, brings studies to your home and helps you accomplish your goals.

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